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A Dark Autumn - Signed Paperback

A Dark Autumn - Signed Paperback

WARNING: Some content may disturb sensitive readers.

Some vengeance cries for blood.

He’s a writer seeking solitude. They are four women on vacation looking for fun and relaxation. But when they meet they will find only terror. An appalling crime will lead to an unthinkable, gruesome revenge. In the deep woods of Mountain Rock, no one will hear the screams, the agony, the mayhem.

No one will hear them die.

“Rufty's prose will suck you in and hold you prisoner!”
—Ronald Malfi, author of BLACK MOUTH.

"Kristopher Rufty is the demented reincarnation of Richard Laymon!"
—Jeff Strand, author of DEATHLESS.

“Rufty knows how to bring the scares and mayhem like a charging bull with chainsaws for horns. No one is safe!”
—David Bernstein, author of GOBLINS.

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