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Bigfoot Beach - Signed Case Laminate Hardback

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Bigfoot Beach - Signed Case Laminate Hardback

NOTE: Expected to ship in mid May.

"BIGFOOT BEACH is the most fun you'll have this summer with a book." Brian Keene, author of The Rising and The Lost Level

A bizarre, brutal murder. A missing woman. And a giant footprint in the sand. Now, the dying beach community known as Seashell Cove finally has a hook to attract the tourists—a Bigfoot on the beach! As the summer season winds down, the tourists go home and the town begins preparing for the colder months.

Soon, more strange footprints are found, other mysterious sightings are reported. Then the deaths begin. Could there really be a Bigfoot running loose in Seashell Cove?

A tracker with a personal agenda, the local sheriff, a hero whose fifteen minutes of fame expired a long time ago, and a female reporter looking for a scoop will team up to find out for sure.

IMPORTANT: All books come signed. If you'd like it personalized, please put that in the comments section of your order.