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Bone Chimes 2 - Signed Paperback

Bone Chimes 2 - Signed Paperback

“Kristopher Rufty writes like he’s going for your throat. His work is vivid and alive, with a spot-on eye for all things scary. This is horror to read with the lights on!”
- Kristopher Triana, author of GONE TO SEE THE RIVER MAN.

A woman battles a madman to save the package she ordered…and her life! A Christmas party in the mountains is invaded by otherworldly creatures. A man teams up with his son’s favorite toy to kill someone. And a Halloween prank might lead to the end of two boys’ innocence.

These are just a few of the stories in Bone Chimes 2, the second collection from Kristopher Rufty that features nine more demented tales for fans of monsters and childhood fears brought to life. With an introduction by Aron Beauregard, this collection will leave you squirming with fear and delight!

Table of Contents

Introduction by Aron Beauregard
Author’s Note
The Package
There’s Something About Something Violent
Darla’s Problem
The Bull Hole
Fudge Pipes
The Bus

"Kristopher Rufty’s prose sticks it in, breaks it off, and refuses to kiss on the lips no matter how much you tip. His characters are laced with the essence of horror within the weaving of his own creation. Leave the cash on the dresser and take the ride."
-John Wayne Comunale, author of THE CYCLE and MAGE OF THE HELLMOUTH.

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