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Lipstick Wings - Signed Paperback (Advance copies)

Lipstick Wings - Signed Paperback (Advance copies)

Marty Cantrell is an artist with a dark obsession. He follows women. But he’s not a stalker. He doesn’t harm them. They don’t even know he’s there, hiding in the shadows, watching them in their private moments like pieces of art displayed for only him to see.

One night, he saves Amelia Cole from the touch of a killer’s blade. By committing a good deed during one of his nightly escapades, he’s come out of the shadows that he’s felt secure hiding in for so long.

Now he’s ensnared in a psychopathic killer’s violent murder spree. He’s afraid of the darkness that had once offered him salvation. But as the body count continues to rise, Marty starts to wonder if he’s been the killer’s true target all along.

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